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Shakti Traders v State of Jammu and Kashmir and others. LPA 633/1999 14.03.2001
Indian Airlines Corp, Delhi v Farooq Ahmad Jan

CIMA 334/1997

Dr. Naseema Firdous & Ors v State of J&K and others.

LPA 268/1998

Commr. of I.T. Amritsar. v M/S Ziarat Mir Syed Ali Hamdani Srinagar ITR 29/1983 17.11.2000
Ranson Industries v Union of India & Others LPA 114/1999 12.12.2000
Ghulam Ahmad Bhat and another. v State of J&K and others. LPA 249/1998 12.02.2001
Hotel Corporation of India v State through Secretary OWP 63/1999 13.09.2000
Ghulam Mohidin Trust, Srinagar. v  Commr. of Income-tax,Amritsar. ITR 29/1983 17.11.2000
Commissioner of Income-tax, Amritsar v Abdul Ahad Najar, Srinagar. ITR 5/1979 17.11.2000
State of Jammu and Kashmir v  Ghulam Rasool Rather CMP (Condl) 1/1997 10.05.2000
Ashok Kumar Srinagar v The Commissioner of Income-tax Amritsar ITR 17/1982 19.07.2000
Commr. of I.T. Amritsar v   J&K Tourism Development Corp., Srinagar. ITR 15/1983 19.07.2000
Commissioner of Income-tax, Amritsar. v Abdul Ahad, Srinagar. ITR 19/1982 03.10.2000
Commr.   of Income-tax, Amritsar. v  Agya Wanti & others, Srinagar. ITR 23/1983 17.11.2000
Ram Saroop Gupta. v Union of India CIMA 96A/2000 27.11.2000
Commr of Income-tax, Amritsar v  M/s Modern Carpet Co.,. Srinagar. ITR 21/1983 03.10.2000
M/S Hotel President Srinagar. v  State of J&K and others OWP 68/1984 11.09.2000
Commr of Income-tax, Amritsar v M/S Indo Carpet Factory,Srinagar. ITR 18/1983 14.11.2000
M/S ROM Industries vs State of Jammu & Kashmir & Ors OWP 577/2000 07.12.2000
Commr of Income-tax, Amritsar v  State Agro Dev. Corp.. Srinagar. ITR 6/2000 17.11.2000
The Commr of Income-tax Amritsar v   M/S New Alpine Forests ITR 2/2000 09.05.2000
The Commr of I.T.  Amritsar. v M/s Alkeensons Agencies,Anantnag ITR 7/1979 26.06.2000
Ram Saroop Gupta. v Union of India CIMA 95A/2000 27.11.2000
M/s Nek Ram Sharma and Co v Income-tax Appellate Tribunal & Ors. OWP (IT) 823/2000 07.12.2000
The Commissioner of Wealth-tax Amritsar.v/s. Jawahar Lal Mehra ITR 9/1982 03.07.2000
The Commr of Income-tax Amritsar v M/S Nitco Roadways Ltd. ITR 6/1978 26.06.2000
Commr of I.T., Amritsar v J&K Cooperative Supply & Marketing ITR 22/1983 14.11.2000
Commr of I.T., Amritsar. v  M/S Muhammad Hussain, Srinagar. ITR 8/1979 17.11.2000
The Commr of Wealth Tax Amritsar v  Shri Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Mutto ITR 5/2000 03.10.2000
The Commissioner of Income-tax Amritsar v/s Shri Abdul Gani Bhat ITR 6/1979 03.07.2000
The Commr of Income-tax Amritsar v The Hotel Highland Park,Gulmarg ITR 7A/1982 03.07.2000
Rajinder Kaul v United Insurance Company Ltd. CIMA 6/2000 25.04.2000
Commissioner of Income-tax, v Pardeep Kumar. ITR 1/1985 11.05.2000
Commissioner of Income-tax, v M/S Devans Modern Breweries. ITR 5/1994 27.04.2000
The Commissioner of Income-tax Amritsar.Vs M/S Paris Dry Cleaners, ITR 3A/1977 09.05.2000